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Are you Looking at Factoring Companies in Wichita?

Are you finding that your search engine gave you factoring companies thousands of miles away?

Even though there are companies that work with factoring in Kansas most don't show up on Google/Bing....

We can help. Having lived in Kansas for many years and collecting factoring data for over fifteen years you're in good hands.

Consider this:

What could you do if you had an unlimited supply of working capital?

We offer straight forward answers and simple pricing to the businesses of Wichita and Central Kansas.

Offering you more options in business finance. Not only with factoring and invoice discounting but accepting credit cards, credit card equipment and other support...

Some of the things we do for the benefit of our clients is never published. We continually look for unique ways to help our small business partners. Not every service is needed or even helpful to every business or every individual.

We are here to offer you the business owner more options in business finance. Not only with factoring and invoice discounting but accepting credit cards, credit card equipment and more...

When used properly factoring and card processing  methods don't cost you money. They make you money. If these financial tools ever cease to do this for you just stop using them.

Factoring is simple. Similar to Credit Card Processing or Merchant Services the business gets immediate cash for product or service delivered

If you would like to accelerate your cash flow just contact us for a no cost consultation.

How the factoring survey and application process works:

  • You call our local or toll free number

  • We answer any questions you have and learn a little more about you and your business
    (we're here for you regardless of who you choose to do business with)

  • If you choose to proceed we will generally only need a couple of pieces of information to provide you a cost analysis. In some cases a completed application may be needed for accuracy

  • Once you've completed the application, many times basic approval can be obtained within a few hours

  • Until you sign a agreement with someone you are not obligated to proceed

How the factoring  process works:

  • The factoring application completed and accepted

  • Account is set up for you by the factoring company

  • You submit your invoices, freight bills etc to the factoring company for payment

  • The agreed upon amount is deposited into your bank account by the factoring company
    (you get paid)

  • Your cash flow is immediately improved and you are able to do business faster and with more flexibility

  • When your customer does pay the invoice, freight bill etc. The factoring companies then deposit any remainder of cash owed to you less their processing fee

This process is effectively self eliminating debt yet really no debt at all. Factoring companies each work a little different from each other but the process is very similar.

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